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Our Epoxy Garage Flooring 


There are many misconceptions about sealing your garage with epoxy. For example, people sometimes think that applying a product like the Garage Floor Epoxy Kit is essentially the same as coating their floor with paint. The truth, however, is that using the epoxy garage floor kit can result in significantly different results than using a paint-based product on your garage floor. Many paint products on the market might include a tiny amount of epoxy. Still, it’s not enough to give you the type of protection from spillage and fading that our commercial-grade epoxy sealant offers you in comparison.



Our Garage Floor Epoxy goes much deeper into your concrete than standard garage paints do, which is what gives it such potency and durability in terms of protecting your flooring against any moisture or staining-related issues down the road. An epoxy coating is a kind of thermoset polymer that is made to be applied as an aesthetic on concrete surfaces. Epoxy Garage Floor coatings are an excellent choice for protective measures because they harden and strengthen the body of the concrete in question. Another notable difference between paint and epoxy is that paint dries but epoxy cures. When mixed, the resin parts form polymers, which as a result, form highly durable and functional constructs within the more complex layers beneath. Even though it may appear dry, it takes hours before the curing process has finished. In the end, epoxy cement is better than acrylic paint because it can create a much stronger bond with the surface of concrete – but you must make sure that the surface is clean and dry before you start mixing the ingredients.

Why Garage Floor Epoxy?




Epoxy is not just a garage floor paint. These floors can be installed almost anywhere and have even been used to create patios and concrete countertops! This kind of paint is highly resistant to damage, chemicals, and any other material that might accidentally scratch the flooring. If you recently had an outfit dropped on your new garage floor, don’t worry about damaging it in any way. It can handle those kinds of drops!




Adding a garage flooring coating is important because it creates a protective layer against oil, salt, and other damaging factors. For instance, the epoxy protects brake fluid and other car flammable solvents containing high amounts of calcium and magnesium salt. The clear coat also waterproofs the foundation coping with water seepage. You can then begin your garage floor epoxy project with peace of mind knowing that you will be saving money down the road by extending the life of your structure’s design.

Garage Floor Epoxy | St Augustine | Jacksonville | Palm Coast
Garage Floor Epoxy | St Augustine | Jacksonville | Palm Coast
Garage Floor Epoxy | St Augustine | Jacksonville | Palm Coast

Property Value


Every home improvement project that you undertake will increase the value and desirability of your property when it’s time to sell. As a bonus, a garage epoxy floor can provide shiny-yet-durable floors available in various colors and styles. Potential buyers love this feature and are willing to pay more for homes with certain upgrades – like new flooring!


Family Security


You can protect your garage floor from the threat of slip and fall accidents as well as reduce your chances of suffering a devastating fire, thanks to epoxy floor coatings. This durable layer can stand up to extreme conditions as well as harsh elements, so you never have to worry about it cracking or losing its adherence.




If you want to make the concrete floors look smoother, Epoxy Garage Floor is a great solution. Cracks more minor than an inch can be filled with epoxy mortar before applying the epoxy coating. This helps give your floor a smooth finish and also help the crack from getting larger or causing more damage. 


The high-gloss finish emphasizes the aesthetic appeal of this garage floor. The reflective surface help to brighten up the area and improve its overall appearance. We are happy to talk to you about how different epoxy finishes can influence a room’s décor based on their interspersed with tile or decorative stones.


Minimize floor Dust


The floor of your garage is exposed to a lot of wear and tear. Since this room is where you store your car and any other items you may decide to keep in there, you must maintain the floors properly. There are many different methods for keeping your floor free from dust that can damage both your car and any other possessions if left unattended. If this dust is not correctly removed, it can get into the paintwork and finish of your vehicle, causing permanent damage by rubbing off the wax sealant over time. So how do you avoid this problem? An Epoxy Garage Floor is applied professionally by a company trained in garage floor coating services. We work hard to make every project look like we would want our home to look. Our superior garage epoxy flooring solutions make your property into the talk of the town!

Moisture Resistant


Epoxy coatings are a very effective way to stop moisture damage on the floor of your garage, offering you security if it rains. It doesn’t matter how worried you are about water dripping off your car when it rains because the garage floor will be able to protect the interior of your vehicle from any harm. Just make sure that you don’t apply an extremely thick epoxy product by mistake, as that may result in a slippery surface where you don’t want it. Instead, choose a product that can provide just enough traction, so no damage comes to anyone in case they slip up under these circumstances.

Jax Epoxy Flooring has an Epoxy Color Flake Flooring System that offers proven durability and longevity for a multitude of applications. With this system you have a variety of colors and chips sizes to choose from to create the finish and look that you desire.

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